Monday, November 30, 2009

LRL4 Announcing the newest issue of Little Red Leaves! LRL4

Featured in this issue is a festschrift for John Taggart, edited by Thom Donovan and C.J. Martin, with poems from Theodore Enslin, Pam Rehm, Eléna Rivera, Joel Chace, Kevin Holden, Frank Sherlock, C.J. Martin, and Thom Donovan. Also in this section is a new long poem from John Taggart, "Kitaj Angels," as well as a selected bibliography of works by and about John Taggart, compiled by Robert J. Bertholf.

This issue also includes new video from Jesse Seldess, a pamphlet by David Brazil, and extended selections of new work from Tyrone Williams, Maryrose Larkin, and erica lewis, as well as poetry from Nathan Austin, Tamiko Beyer, Sarah Mangold, Elizabeth Zuba, Carter Smith, Carol Guess, Britta Kallevang, Rob Halpern, Kate Schapira, Lauren Ireland, Margaret Konkol, David Wolach, Anna Elena Eyre, Kate Colby, Alexander Dickow, dawn lonsinger, Richard Owens, Laura Goldstein, JenMarie Davis, and Felicia Shenker.

LRL4 sees the complete redesign of the LRL website, as well as the launch of three new books in our LRL e-editions series:
Tina Darragh's & Marcella Durand's collaboration, Deep eco pré
Divya Victor's first long player, SUTURES
Norma Cole's Do the Monkey
*See the ebooks page for further details:

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Little Red Leaves Issue 3 and LRL e-editions

Announcing the third issue of Little Red Leaves:

Featuring work from Lisa Jarnot, Sarah Campbell, Erica Kaufman, Dennis Phillips, Sun Yung Shin, Jocelyn Saidenberg, Elizabeth Barbato, Richard Kostelanetz, Bonnie Emerick, Adam Golaski, Jessica Wickens, Bronwen Tate, David Hadbawnik, Tung-Hui Hu, Shiela Murphy, Linh Dinh, Eric Baus, and Rick London.

Also in this issue are
--an excerpt from a collaboration between erica lewis and Mark Stephen Finein,
--poems from Ibrahim Nasrallah (trans. Rick London and Omnia Amin),
--and an excerpt from Norma Cole's Do the Monkey.


Announcing 4 new titles from LRL e-editions:
Series Editors: C.J. Martin, Ash Smith, and Julia Drescher

The series features both full-length and shorter collections, some reprints and others published here for the first time.

We are offering all of the books as free pdf downloads (, but have also built sturdier reading copies, which are available through (links above). The lulu versions are offered at only $2 above cost in order to pay for the maintenance of the Little Red Leaves website, & they're very handsome! See the site for descriptions/details...